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It's an exciting time in your social life as the moon clashes with Venus, just watch out for a little drama. An indulgent mood flows.

Aries Horoscope For Tuesday, November 12,

The moon is in your opposite sign Leo today, bringing your focus to your relationships, and inspiring an energizing atmosphere for communication as it connects with Mars. A burst of creativity arrives as the moon clashes with Venus—you're eager to step in the spotlight! The moon is in fiery Leo today, inspiring you to slay your to-do list, especially as it connects with action planet Mars. It's time to kick a habit or remove something from your schedule that no longer works for you. A fun adventure steals your attention as the moon clashes with Venus. The moon is in fellow fire sign Leo today, finding you in the mood to party, and it's an especially exciting time to connect with your partners as the moon connects with Mars.

Passion is in the air as the moon clashes with sexy Venus. The moon in Leo finds you getting comfortable at home.

Moon Alert

You're productive as the moon connects with action planet Mars, but you're eager to just relax with your loved ones as the moon clashes with Venus. It's definitely time to cuddle with some snacks.

The moon in fire sign Leo lights up the communication sector of your chart, and you're eager to connect with crushes and creative partners as the moon connects with Mars. I am already a fan, don't show this again. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve?

Aries daily horoscope - 12 November 12222

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Try again. You'll take on the challenge of making people happy in an objective, professional and scientific way this year because the endeavor brings value to your life. You realize that your personal worth is in no way connected to their smiles, and that's what makes it fun. A handsome payout comes in June. Gemini and Virgo adore you.

Weekly Horoscope 16 - 22 Jan 2017 for Aries

Your lucky numbers are: 7, 4, 44, 38 and She said that was probably why I'm having a lot of emotional problems connecting with my boyfriend, who is a Gemini. Do you think that my moon could have something to do with it? The moon represents your emotional life and secret aspirations.

The danger of having your moon in Pisces is you often have really deep feelings that you keep very hidden especially when they're of a romantic nature. To top it all off, you often take away impressions of events that are not actually accurate, and the void you feel between the two of you is not actually there. You and your Gemini man are having problems because he doesn't know that you truly desire to be with him exclusively. His moon in Capricorn makes him emotionally complex and not just a little afraid of being abandoned. Once he feels comfortable and committed in the relationship, he will prove to be endlessly loyal and loving.

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Tell him you love him in any way you can! Once you do, yours will be a very happy union. Gosling has Uranus and the sun in soulful Scorpio, which adds a touch of genius to the chart of a natural-born artist. Tell us about an event. Home All Sections Search. Log In Welcome, User.

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Minneapolis St. Horoscopes by Holiday By: Holiday Mathis With this lunar passage through the sign of the bull, it will be difficult to control our various desires.

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