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The Ashwa is known by a Linga of twelve fingers, or about six inches long. He is tall and large-framed, but not fleshy, and his delight is in big and robust women, never in those of delicate form. His body is hard as iron, his chest is broad, full, and muscular; his body below the hips is long, and the same is the case with his mouth and teeth, his neck and ears; whilst his hands and fingers are remarkably so.

His knees are somewhat crooked, and this distortion may also be observed in the nails of his toes.

Vedic Relationship Astrology Yoni Kuta

His hair is long, coarse and thick. His look is fixed and hard, without changing form, and his voice is deep like that of a bull. He is reckless in spirit, passionate and covetous, gluttonous, volatile, lazy, and full of sleep. He walks slowly, placing one foot in front of the other.

He cares little for the venereal rite, except when the spasm approaches. His Kama-salila is copious, salt, and goat-like. And as men are divided into three classes by the length of the Linga, so the four orders of women, Padmini, Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini, may be subdivided into three kinds, according to the depth and extent of the Yoni. The Mrigi has a Yoni six fingers deep. Her body is delicate, with girlish aspect, soft and tender. Her head is small and well-proportioned; her bosom stands up well; her stomach is thin and drawn in; her thighs and Mons Veneris are fleshy, and her build below the hips is solid, whilst her arms from the shoulder downwards are large and rounded.

Her hair is thick and curly; her eyes are black as the dark lotus-flower; her nostrils are fine; her cheeks and cars are large; her hands, feet, and lower lip are ruddy, and her fingers are straight. Her voice is that of the Kokila bird, and her gait the rolling of the elephant. She eats moderately, but is much addicted to the pleasure of love; she is affectionate but jealous, and she is active in mind when not subdued by her passions.

Her Kama-salila has the pleasant perfume of the lotus-flower. The Vadava or Ashvini numbers nine fingers depth.


Her body is delicate; her arms are thick from the shoulders downwards; her breasts and hips are broad and fleshy, and her umbilical region is high-raised, but without protuberant stomach. Her hands and feet are red like flowers, and well-proportioned. Her head slopes forwards and is covered with long and straight hair; her forehead is retreating; her neck is long and much bent; her throat, eyes, and mouth are broad, and her eyes are like the petals of the dark lotus.

She has a graceful walk, and she loves sleep and good living.

Yoni Koota in Kundli Matching

Though choleric and versatile, she is affectionate to her husband; she does not easily arrive at the venereal spasm, and her Kama-salila is perfumed like the lotus. I am very much worried. Please help. Should I go for this marriage sir? Dear sir, I have Marjara Cat yoni and my boyfriend has Mushaka rat yoni. Can't we marry even if we have a good understanding of the sexual lives?

I think you have have different yoni.. Hi , May I know what remedies needs to be taken when yoni kuta is 0. I am married and and my sex life is zero because of some problem. Hi sir I have been told that i have combination of lion and elephant yoni.. Sir, My yoni is deer and my husband's yoni is tiger..

And his dob Can I save my marriage?? I love him so much..

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This is a tested mantra helped the couple whose case is already in court living seperately. FAITH is most important to achieve faster sure result you pl note is my appeal.

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Though i am not an astrologer, to serve you with this remedy i am replying pl. Sir, My husband is under another girl,I think that's why he wants to leave me.. Please give me solutions.. The mantra will give binding among couple, withgood understanding, thus unity, so it will helps, but FAITH is most important, i repeat again.

Pl do follow reciting mantra every day morning times and ifever if you can do recite in the evening by repeating so for faster result. Gowri Shanker Lord Parvathi Parameswar gives good unity among couple.

If you cannot do not get disturbed on this score for your inability of not being able to wear, as the above MANTRA sure to help you pl. I've a daughter,I'm feeling like I should do suiside.. Boy Kolkata behala Time 9. M y A strology S igns. Navneet Khanna. If the grahamaitri is good, and there is no Bhakoot and Nadi Dosha then you should not bother. I've tried akashvaani for several questions and other services such as match matching and kundali services.

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