The Mythology of Makemake

He turned himself into a basil flower and thus soothed a bit wild Devana. It is said she had a twin sister, Marzanna, who symbolized the end of the summer or dying sun. There are references to rituals involving both goddesses, celebrating the cyclic nature of the seasons.

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Her sacred animal was a mare, and on Mount Devica, which is connected to Devana, a rock with a picture of a mare was found. In a recent issue of his newsletter, SkyScraping which can be found on his website Consider the Whole Sky Gold-haired, young and beautiful, she brings the spring and revitalizes the Earth. Wild yellow mullein flowers Polish: dziewanna are her symbol.

Dried, they served as torches during her celebrations. Dziewanna holds a north node of 16 Pisces 09 and the perihelion closest approach to the Sun lies at 0 Capricorn Think of this body as a practical approach toward expressing sensitivities, sharing emotions and releasing a reactionary head of steam.

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Perhaps a perspective of applying ones wild nature in social environments and an indicator of what should and should not be posted on the Internet. He jumped out of hot air balloon from 24 miles above Roswell, New Mexico, and was freefalling through most of his almost 10 minute dive only opening a parachute as he got close to earth.

In Depth | Makemake – NASA Solar System Exploration

Intriguing that he broke the sound barrier, and barriers are Saturn, with a speed that was clocked at Mach 1. I don't have his time, but his birthdate is 20 April , so this conjunction was closely opposed his natal Sun in the first degree of Taurus. And transiting Venus was applying conjunct his natal Dziewanna, exact the next day when he was receiving all the applause and accolades for his daring jump. One would assume that this stellium would manifest in relation to money, possessions or earning. After her divorce, she totally supported herself and her two boys through jobs in retail and fast food not receiving any support to speak of from her ex.

But she also decided to put herself through to school as well. She worked hard and eventually became a nursing assistant, then an LPN, and is now a registered nurse. Nursing is very fitting an income source for someone with Virgo planets in the 2nd. George M. General Norman H. Actress Jill St. Praamzius orbits near the resonance with Neptune.

It was discovered on 23 January , and officially named on 22 February It has an orbit of The word 'Dievas' often personifies the shining sky, light, or day. The Lithuanian supreme God, as the myth re tales, had a wife, the primordial Great Mother, the goddess Lada, who had given birth to the first-born twins. God's twin children, in the shape of twin horses, are known from the myths; they are related to the fire of the sky , the Sun, and lighting.

The Lithuanian supreme God was considered to be as well the Master of Fate, the Lord of the world who ruled the Heaven and Earth, while his children assisted him. The names referred by to the supreme and most powerful God varied in Lithuania from region to region during the course of time. In the Highlands of Lithuania as well as in the major part of the Lowlands the word 'Dievas' was used together with personal name Praamzius, in Suvalkija the God's name were Prakurimas, Ikurejas, Sotvaras, while in the west of the Lowlands and in Prussia he was referred to as Ukopirmas.

Praamzius is described as the omnipotent ruler of time, the inescapable fate. The sky and the air, water and all live creatures had to obey him, with none exclusion even for other deities. All decisions made by Praamzius are inscribed in stone and thus is no escape from them; while ordering the present, he is aware of both the past and the future. Similar functions are ascribed as well to Prakurimas and Ukopirmas. The chiefly ritual addressed to the supreme God was performed during the winter solstice. The importance of this ritual especially increased by the time agriculture became known and was cultivated.

The rites permeated with archaic totem, animist, symbolic imagery would continue for twelve days associated with the twelve the twelve months of the year. Together with rites addressed to the supreme God, souls of remote ancestors from the other world were paid homage to. In Lithuanian religion, just as it is the case with other religions, the trinity of gods is known: Perkunas, Patrimpas and Pikuolis. The most prominent among these gods was Perkunas, the master of the atmosphere and the "waters" of the sky, as well as the fecundity of flora, human morality and justice.

Beside the supreme God, Perkunas occupied perhaps the most important place in the Lithuanian divine pantheon. Under the influence of Christianity the supreme God's image was transformed and Perkunas acquires the position of the Lord of Heaven. The major imagery representing Perkunas is of zoomorphic character, while later on it becomes anthropomorphic, sometimes retaining certain zoom orphic attributes.

Asteroid (136472) Makemake

Perkunas used to inspire awe and punish people, thus he was often called the "god's scourge". He was supposed to punish by throwing at the culprit his stone axes, that often had symbols of the Sun and lightning.

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People knew then how to turn away Perkunas's wrath. The second god was Patrimpas.

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He was supposed to bring the spring, joy, peace, maturity, abundance, as well as to take care of domestic animals, ploughed fields, and crops. Sheaves of corn, amber, vax, etc. The third member of the Lithuanian divine trinity was Pikuolis, otherwise called Pikulas. He was the god of the underworld, all kinds of evil and death. When presented in a horizontal and vertical lines, the divine, trinity of the Aestii corresponds to the model of universal space, i.

The analogy may also be seen with the time recurrence: adolescence, maturity and old age, or otherwise, spring, autumn and winter. Dee Dee uz Designated UZ, this body was discovered August 19, , and has an orbit of It's eccentric orbit 0.

Haumea & Makemake

The inclination to the ecliptic is When discovered it was located at 11 Tau 53 R. It's orbit has not been completely determined yet, so it has not been given a minor planet number, and hence, no official name. But the astronomers have nicknamed it DeeDee, short for Distant Dwarf AstroDienst has provided a provisional ephemeris engine for DeeDee, and the following is based on that set for 0 hr UT.

When a more precise ephemeris is available I will replace this one, so keep in mind that the following may be off a little. Provisionally designated UK, when its orbit was confirmed it was given the minor planet number and given the name G! It was at 25 Tau 44 R when discovered.

Michael Brown, one of the discoverers, feels that this body will most likely be designated a Dwarf Planet. From the Minor Planet circular: "G! She defends her people and punishes wrongdoers using spines, a raincloud full of hail, and her magical oryx horn G! The satellite is being named G!


Hu" These names are from the myths of the Jul'hoan people of Namibia. The language uses click sounds, and is the first minor planet to be given a name with such sounds. To find out how to pronounce this body's name, click here: G! Its satellite G! Hu is extremely red, one of the reddest known bodies out past Pluto. Rhadamanthus Designated HX11, this body was discovered April 18, , and has an orbit of However, he was raised by Asterion, not Jupiter.

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Minos became extremely jealous of his brother's popularity, and drove him out of Crete, so Rhadamanthus fled to Boeotia where he married Alcmene. Homer represents him as dwelling in the Elysian fields. On account of his inflexible integrity he was made one of the judges of the dead in the lower world, together with Aeacus and Minos.

He was supposed to judge the souls of Asians, Aeacus those of Europeans, while Minos had the deciding vote. Rhadamanthus would decide upon cruel punishments for sinners; first, rebuking them, then trying their case, finally forcing them to confess. Dante makes Rhadamanthus one of the judges of the damned in the Inferno section of Divine Comedy.

Mark Andrew Holmes designed the symbol for Rhadamanthus, and has written about it at markandrewholmes. He was a warrior, hunter, seducer and inhabitant of "the place beyond the Sun. It gets as close as At discovery, it was located at 18 Libra 39 R. D R Orcus, minor planet , is pretty big.