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View Deck. Learn How to Read Tarot Our tarot school of monsters and mischief awaits! Dive into the world of self knowledge and magic. Shannon Sep 26, This is spot on! But this description is so perfect! Leafy Jul 23, Lisa Jul 23, My ex was a Virgo we met at work great worker but not a good leader. Very hypocritical. Plays lots of games not straight forward. It could save heartache and time invested in the relationship. Stephanie Archuleta May 29, As for myself, i often wondered why i am so picky. Im blunt which sometimes is good but i tell it like it is most of the time.

Which is probably why the husband tells me to be quiet alot. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Related Items. Sign Up for Free Tarot Classes Labyrinthos Academy is an online tarot school that aims to bring the ancient ritual of tarot for a modern practice. And an eye for how pieces fit together to make the whole. Virgo in love is dutiful and sensual, with a steady affection shown in small acts.

In an age of mediocrity, Virgo insists on having high standards, and are known to be way too critical with self and others at times. Many are fixed on optimal health and dedicated to their chosen profession. Virgo has a strong sense of service, and feel satisfied when assisting others. At the extreme edges, Virgo is all routine and no play, hyper-critical, a hypochondriac, and a relentless perfectionist. Some Virgins come off as cold and unemotional. They are sizing things up, especially in the beginning.

Virgos are cautious in friendship and love, preferring to see how it goes, whether it's a practical fit.

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Under the cool facade, Virgo is a thoughtful friend, who shows up when it counts. A mutually beneficial arrangement could bring you closer over time, as consideration is demonstrated day-to-day. They appreciate friends who are a seamless part of their lives. Looking for answers please. The Virgo is a good natured sign, due to the affinity with water. They generally like to have good conversations.

Not necessarily referencing someone to work for us but, a mechanical balanced work we need. Being the 6th out of 12 signs, right in the middle and the sign of karma. We like order.. A solid foundation. Anything that alters the path drives us crazy. The only slim chance you have is showing us BETTER, but honestly you gone have to jump through rings of fire to win us back.

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  5. Like wasted time is one of our biggest pet peeves. We could put all that time into something so much greater than your silly riddles. Like writersblock. We need someone to sometimes stimulate our minds to ease into a craft to express freely to the world. We enjoy the simple shit in life ya know?

    Run me a fucking bath and roll a blunt for afterwards. We will shower you in nothing but love and effection. We will do everything we can just so our loved ones are protected and straight all around. We like effort.

    1. You won’t like a Virgo when we’re angry

    Fight for us. Tell us we are appreciated and worthy of anything we set our minds to. Water us, grow with us, and watch the creation we built. We are hard workers. Therefore we gotta put in what we take out. Working hard and getting to the bag is one of our top priorities. We a lil crazy to though lmaoooo so please handle with care. You gotta be gentle and patient with us.

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    We can sometimes overreact at the smallest things, but all love is behind the words. Log in Sign up. Virgo Capricorn and Aquarius when they all prove someone wrong. We don't play hard to get.


    We are hard to get. Facts From a Virgo. Virgos can see right through you and your bullshit. The Meme Team. The earth signs when they win an argument. Virgo A Virgo woman will often fall in love at first sight.

    Virgo (astrology)

    Virgo virgonation virgosdoitbetter virgo traits virgo facts virgo zodiac virgoshit. Virgo is more of a cuddle sign than a fucking sign. Once a Virgo feels comfortable in their surroundings, they can talk up a storm. Virgo Facts.

    Mars in Virgo Virgo is a dual earth sign ruled by Mercury which shares an inimical relationship with Mars. We crave solitude and we crave being alone more often than not sometimes just because we understand ourselves better than we probably allow anyone else to 4. Virgo Facts: My Mind. This makes them end up thinking about their emotions at the end, Virgo Facts 5 A Virgo is neutral with you but neutrality with a positive heart Virgo Facts 6 A Virgo picks everything that happens in interactions. A Virgos mindset: this is my mind. Virgos when they prove someone wrong. Virgos Where are all my Virgos at?

    Virgo Zodiac Sign. Virgo believes in a action rather than talking… So they just do it 2. Virgos can find the solution to any tough problem 3. Virgo may appear aloof to the world but from inside they are very sensitive and emotional 4. Virgos are so doubtful and will not accept things until they see it by themselves 5.