Confusing communications take place on September 7 as Mercury opposes Neptune—watch out for exaggerations, lies, or laziness.

Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

A powerful opportunity for transformation arrives as the sun clashes with Jupiter on September 8, but watch out for big egos—especially your own! Also on September 8, Mercury connects with Pluto, bringing you the inside scoop. Neptune blurs boundaries, but Mars and Saturn team up to help you set standards and limitations.

Allow yourself to enjoy art, music, and magic. After this sleepy Neptunian moment, a burst of energy arrives when Mars clashes with Jupiter on September 12—just be mindful of arguments and watch out for potential consequences of poor planning. September 13 is heavy, but also cute! As is always the case with a Pisces moon, emotions are high, but things are even more intense since this is a full moon. Mercury and Venus enter Libra, the sign of balance, on this day, bringing a much needed shift in energy and helping you begin a process of reorganization.

Neptune squares off with Jupiter for the third time this year on September This also happened on January 13 and June 16, so think back to those dates since similar themes will resurface now. The month starts off with both love planets, Venus and Mars, nestled in Libra—and lighting up your sixth house of beauty and healthy living AND loving. Your ruler, affectionate Venus, is there until October 8, and then passionate Mars picks up where she left off, from October 3 to November Couples may be inspired to get in shape together, and as UN-sexy as it sounds, could bond while handling nitty-gritty details, like balancing the Q3 budget or embarking on a household project together.

With Mars in this position, watch for a tendency to be overly critical of others or yourself. Starting on October 8, Venus will traipse through Scorpio and your relationship house, bringing her harmonizing and balancing vibes to bear on all kinds of partnerships.

Taurus Month

With your mate, you may find yourself longer on patience and much more appreciative of their wonderful qualities. Focus on THAT and not the dozen minor annoyances. Be clear about what you want because you CAN manifest it now! Key Dates: October Venus-Uranus opposition Things could shift without much warning under this unpredictable showdown. But before you lose all sense of control, look at your role in a key relationship: Are you shape-shifting to fit into what they want?

Get down to business! The Sun is in Libra and your sixth house of administrative details until October Studies show that environment directly impacts productivity.

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If your office could benefit from the Marie Kondo treatment, get to it! Since the sixth house also rules the people who work for you, consider hiring an assistant—virtual or TaskRabbit—to help you get ever-lingering projects off the ground. Communication planet Mercury wings into Scorpio and your partnership house for an extended trip on October 3, helping you articulate your needs and ask for proper support! Put that Taurus pride aside and join forces for the win. This will get even easier once the Sun enters Scorpio for a month on October At the October 27 Scorpio new moon, a new alliance could appear or you might be offered a contract.

Can you negotiate a few things on YOUR terms? Speaking of negotiation, try to get that done before Halloween. Back up all your most important data.

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Since retrogrades rule the past, reach out to connections you may have neglected. You may be burning to blurt out something that feels imperative to say, but speaking without thinking can create unnecessary chaos. Even constructive criticism will go over like a lead balloon. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Taurus

Caroline Calloway's Next Act? Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over. Fat Bear Fall Is Here. Shop ELLE. Aries Illustrated PopSocket. Taurus Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Taurus Illustrated PopSocket. The weather even.

However, the celestial influences may certainly play a role and while you cannot protect yourself from all the possibilities, it would make sense to take five minutes to protect yourself from some. Read the horoscope for the next month, and be prepared for what work and love may bring you. Taurus Monthly Horoscope.

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  8. Horoscopes for Taurus. Comments: Taurus Monthly Horoscope. Kenie i fell in love with my cousin. Neli I'm ready to cheat on my husband. Jeff Then you should tell him where you are in the relationship. It is the right thing to do. If the relationship is dead, then end it. If it isn't, then get serious about it. It is a partnership and an extension of you. That you have so little respect for it, should concern you about how little respect that you have for yourself. Babita I want to earn money n become successful powerful and meet rich buisness man and marry a weathy person.

    Taurus 2019 Horoscope ♉ Tarot month to month! 🎉

    Katlyn Getting over the loss of my "boyfriend" who just left and doesnt contact me anymore since July, and feeling isolated by family and work "friends". August seems like a lonely, on your own sort of month. Greywitt My gf also left me and thats the reason im here,. Monique Wow. Same here. I'm starting to be grateful for it. In time you will too. Miguel m. Arocha I want to know about my financial status in this month from today at the in of march..

    David I'm having a very good start this month. My spouse has being wonderful to me,supporting and encourage me each step of the way. The solution to most problems above and below is just a lack of confidence.

    Taurus October Horoscope, Taurus Monthly horoscope, October Monthly horoscope

    Claudvandam Square I agree fake it till you make it smiling gets others smiling and gets us smiling feeling a hole lot better even though we could be feeling blue. I love Nike just do it! For all Taurus peoples. Get weekly Taurus Horoscope now! Mythily [quote]Message from 12horoscopesigns Looking for free weekly horoscope for Taurus?

    Livya I too Lost my job in early this month Nowadays traveling a lot to get over with all this. Tells slot about me.. And yeas im into something right now my dreams about my grandma and this are just the right combination to tell my self that this is me.. Valerie Oh wow for me everything is perfect it seems as if what you talking about never happen to me as well.

    Taurus October Horoscope

    Nadine Totally end of this world got a boyfriend such nice but about carrier totally down sounds like a hell nothing to be done for sure its sucks drive me crazy now financial go down on earth. I met some individuals who I could've loved passionately and some I still very much do. It says will be great year for love as a tauren,I sure hope so as I am fed up with lonely,pretending to be happy and cheering people around me yet being totally heartbroken on the inside.

    I want to keep my hopes up for Niksha You and I both Remember that it is better to feel lonely waiting for the right person than to feel lonely whilst being with the wrong one Its so awful.