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Red Album. Cosmic Travelers. Shooting Game Arrange Compilation Album. For Your Pieces. Histoire del' Ross Ross Ross. Beauteous Rain. Sakura Heart. Fantasy Moonlight - Drastic Preterite. Mugen Gekkou - Drastic Preterite. A Cafe Chic Records 02 "after-noon. Drawing the Spell II. Make a slit downwards. Progressive Overdrive. Assortment of sense. Light Blue. Strong in the Rain. Ningyoushi no Yume to Mezame Vol.

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Comicmarket 74 Omake CD. Cyber Reverie -1st contact of Toho Project-. Against The Wind. Touhou Koutetsufu Ver. Beyond The Infinite. Toho Kaguramatsuri Vol. Crimson Devil's Residence. Endless Festival EP. Acoustic Shooter. Luminous Luminous 2. Hypothetical Box. Amuse Beat Connection. Blue Album. The Grimoire Of Alice. Sweet Home. Butterfly Delusion.

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Green Eyes -Misfortune Bridge-. Level Fantasia. Stormy Spirit. Tooi Sora wo Yuku - Voyage Note. ARound White. Devil Queen. Ultra Cute!? ARound Red.

Arrow Revolution. Knights of Round 2. Little Thin Light. Trois Rouge. Trois Noir. Trois Bleu. Prunus Subhirtella. Chaoscillation Game. Lyrical Crimson. A Tribute to the East Vol. Daydream Nation. Purple and Cherrypink. Moon And Her Embrace. Nyan furo. Vivid Parasol. Love affair.

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Tec Box Vol. Drawing the Spell III. East Fantasia. Midnight Tea Party. Heart to Heart. Touhou Kitougekidan!

Accumulated Fragments. A Cafe Chic Records 03 "white-alarm.

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Reimu, Marisa and Adventure Stuff. Fairy Feel. The Edge Of The Knife. Under Ground Garden. First Snow. Raise the curtain. Pleach Any Deary. Comicmarket 75 Omake CD. Bouquet of Gentle Memories.

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Flowering Shooter. Affect a mind. Cherry Petals Fantasia. LR First Strike! Little comet.

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Oriental Groove Volatile Vacuity. Beyond the Grand River. Crystal Stone. Peace Yo!