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The AK being in the eight house and Amk being in the sixth house from Lagna, a position like IAS may be difficult to achieve very early in life. This is reinforced by Dharam Karmadhipatti being formed in the eight house. Ak is with Sun and Mercury. AK ve and Dk Sun yoga in the eighth house also promises a sudden and unexpected jump.

From Karakamsa, Moon, the Amk is in the eight house. Sun aspecting lagn has mixed bag of Argala.

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Ju causing best argala as PK is good and promising. Million Dollar question? But when..?? A good window of opportunity exists between and but during that time the Amk will be in the eight house of dasa Rasi Char dasa. The best Rasi dasa Virgo under Char Rasi dasa will menifest after when Amk will be in the tenth house. That is my personal view Om Namo Narayana Namaste, The native's both the Luminaries Sun and Moon attained asthamana dosha by being disposited in the 8th and 6th house to Lagna. Further gochara Guru and Sani is not encouraging to him.

These suggests that the native's Udyoga status is shacky;let him first fortify the situation,then aim for the 'two in the bush'. Let Deva phalam prevail on him to over come from the present tight corners. Please don't feel discouraged. Regards, D. Sathiyanarayana Gupta.

Dhana Yoga in Vedic Astrology & Jyotish, (Wealth giving planets in astrology)

The native's both the Luminaries Sun and Moon attained asthamana dosha by being disposited in the 8th and 6th house to Lagna. Pinky,please don't feel discouraged. Posted July 9, Predictions are not the end.

Astrological Journey - Vijay Goel:

One could bye-pass their fate by prayers and devotion combined with perseverance,hard-wok and 'look before you leap' attitude. Is this a part of Vedic astrology or Thought? I wonder!! If I may, Sir And, it is not part of vedic astrology, because vedic astrology or any astrology is really meant for the person who is a regular, householder type individual does not have to have a family -- Singles too qualify.

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Calamity — prone to sudden mishaps and reversals, fickle and unreliable. Luxurious Comfort. Comfort — loves ease and luxury, lazy, lascivious. Obstruction — encounters many obstacles to progress in life; irritable and meddlesome. Accomplished — accommodating personality, pleasant nature, interest in ritual and spirituality. Amenable — well behaved, accomplished manners and etiquette.


Auspicious — lustrous body and personality, but problems with health; wealthy, irritable. Bright Focus. Bright White — garrulous and flighty, impatient and impulsive; unsteady and changeable mind. Chief — interest in education and knowledge; helpful, well-off. Yoga is a subtle blending of solar and lunar energies that give special indications every day. There are 27 such yogas formed and each one is linked to a particular Nakshtra. Some are malefic in nature and others benefic.

The yoga at the time of the birth influences the personality and gives the yogi and avayogi planets. The yogas are connected to the Nakshtras but are different from the planetary Nakshtras. Yogi planet and Yogi Point. Yogi planet is a planet for prosperity and avayogi give the opposite results. The exact degree of the yoga becomes the yogi point. The ruler of the Nakshtra where this point is yogi planet and the ruler of the Rashi the Nakshtra is in is known as the duplicate yogi. The 6 th Nakshtra from the yogi Nakshtra is the avayogi Nakshtra and its ruler is the avayogi planet. Yogi point is an extremely positive degree in the natal chart, when benefics transit over this point, you can expect major material success.

The house where the yogi planet is placed in the chart gets enhanced. Avayogi can cause trouble. The duplicate yogi is also a planet that helps. There is no duplicate avayogi. The dasha of yogi planets give good results and avayogi will give negative.

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The principle of yogi and avayogi planets is supplementary information that enhances the natal analysis. While they have the ability to alter the final judgement, they are not the only factor to consider. Vishkumbha supported. Priti fondness.