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This also includes mortgages and loans.

Gemini Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3 - Darkstar Astrology

Being in a position to take on bigger responsibilities is one benefit Jupiter can bring you in here. Or you may be looking at a better paying job or promotion. For more on what Jupiter in here can deliver, please see your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast on this site. This week sees ruler Mercury finally clear retroshadow in its ruling 6 th in your chart.

Enter into these in the spirit of a true partnership and sharing. Ask what you bring to the table in return for what is on offer for you. Know the result you want — and also know where to compromise in both love and career for success, Gemini. The first month of December sees it on the move into your 8 th.

March 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Gemini

Powerful changes are now forecast. This is your house of shared assets and resources. What is shared with you and what you share with others in turn. It rules legacies, mortgages, wills, taxes, your salary, loans and partnership and marital assets. For more on what Jupiter in this sector of your chart can deliver in the next 12 months, please read the Jupiter forecast for your sign. However, last time Saturn and Pluto were not in residence.

Pluto of course rules this house while Saturn rules Capricorn. Serious commitments and massive changes are likely now. December marks the start of these.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

You may get some idea of what this month and also January may deliver if you look back 12 and then 19 years provided you were 18 or over at the time. But also the South Node in here. The South Node is linked to karma. In case you missed this one, Bill Murray plays a cynical TV weatherman who finds himself trapped in a never-ending cycle where he must repeat the same day over and over again.

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That is, until he learns to act differently. Well, the South Node is a lot like that. The South Node can see us facing the same people, circumstances, issues and situations over and over again until we learn to react to them differently. Big opportunities to do this abound this month. What you face this month could have its roots way back 19 years ago or further back still. Are you living out a theme which has been handed down from generation to generation within your family for example?

This is your house of legacies after all and this is about karmic legacies. The message here is: when nothing you have tried works, the only thing you can change is yourself. This could include how you react to others. Are you trying to change someone? Or are you trying to be someone you are not in order to please others? Being the authentic difference is your way to step free and into your personal power. The Sun remains in your partnership zone until the 22 nd.

As an added bonus, ruler Mercury exits its retroshadow phase on the 7 th and also arrives in your 7 th from the 9 th. Love is back on the menu again as are any conversations to be had around partnership matters. Venus and Ceres are offering you the chance to re-work that karma between you and someone intimately close to you.

Or just your fears around intimacy, money or empowerment, as they meet the South Node on the 3 rd and the 8 th. Intense but sexy encounters or influential friends could offer both freedom and solutions on the 9 th when Jupiter angles to Chiron in your 11 th. Dare you try something different? Be different? Choose different this time around? Full Moons bring peak experiences and the challenge of balancing our feelings with what actions we need to take.

Full Moons shine their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case, your 7 th. Partners, your closest friends, long term lovers, business and working relationships, activity partners or collaborators or even that enemy, rival or opponent. Again, this transformation is triggered by changes you are making within yourself. Think back to all the times in the past where you have faced challenges. Chances are the situation transformed simply because you did.

Weekly Horoscope

This is no exception as this full Moon falls between two important conjunctions in your 8 th between first Venus and Saturn on the 11 th and then Venus and Pluto on the 13 th. It may take a few days before you become aware of just how big an impact your changing perspective has had. Dates to watch this emerge include the 15 th when Jupiter trines Uranus in your 12 th , the 24 th when the Sun makes the same angle and also the 30 th when ruler Mercury brings news or a conversation which confirms just how you have become the very change you needed.

Important papers and documents may be signed and agreements reached as the year draws to a close. Venus moves from your 8 th and into your 9 th on the 20 th. Some of you may be heading overseas for the holiday period as this is your house of long-distance travel. Benefits may come your way via people or companies based overseas, the mass media, learning or the law.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope: April 4 to 10, 2016 - True Sidereal Astrology

This is your house of big dreams and yes, with Venus in residence, big loves. The changes you make could be giving yourself permission to pursue just that now. Where we can look back on what we achieved over the past year and set our course for the coming one.

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December and January are all about reaching for a different kind of solution and a higher path. For yourself and for others Gemini.

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The 26 th brings a new Moon of positive change for you. But it comes with an Annular Solar Eclipse. As you know, eclipses conceal. Total eclipses mean we are completely in the dark over something.

Again, this may relate to yourself and another party and something you both share. Anything from a bed as your 8 th is the house of sex to money, financial agreements or even a horse. Change does not necessarily mean anything negative. Some astrologers do Horoscope readings by taking your Natal Moon which is also called your Moon sign and some do it by reading your Natal Sun position which is also called as a Sun Sign.